I took a chance 11 years ago while I was looking for a new opportunity. After working as a .NET developer for about 10 years for a company, I was looking to make a change. I found an job posting for a .NET developer with Sitecore experience with a company about 2 blocks from my house. It seemed perfect. Only problem was that in late 2008, I didn’t know anything about Sitecore. So I began to research the product and company and was instantly fascinated by it.

I decided that the best change to get the job was to get trained. I made an impromptu decision to pay my own way and get Sitecore training. I drove to Mill Valley, CA, and spent a few days getting trained by the legend himself, John West. After an amusing exchange with Sitecore’s billing department about how I was to get billed, since I was neither a Client nor a Partner, and no one had ever walked off the street and said “Train Me!”, I went back, confident and applied for the position. Unfortunately, during the time I took to do all of this, the position had already been filled.

However, it didn’t take long to combine my decades of .NET, IT and management experience awith my recently acquired Sitecore certifiation and find a Sitecore developer position. I haven’t looked back since. Throughout these 11 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different partners and clients on a plethora of exciting and award-winning projects. I’ve met some of the most intelligent, passionate and friendly people in this not-so-little-anymore community.

This small and silly tribute is my way of commemorating all of that, and also a way to look forward to many more years of excitement.